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Changzhou Changteng Jindian Fashion Co., Ltd is a joint company, invested by changzhou changteng JINDIAN fashionable dress Co.,LTD , Kato of Japan co., LTD and knitting young of Japan co., LTD. It was established in Year 1994. We are equipped with excellent costume designers, who were prize-winners in many Chinese Garment Design Competitions.As a professional business wear designer and manufacturer, we are the designed provider of three changzhou hotels. Thanks to the good quality and service, we have established good cooperation relationship with enterprises and public institutions, such as HOTEL EQUATORIAL MANAGEMENT SDN BHD, Shanghai Purple Mountain Hotel, Shandong dongying hotel, Nanjing Central Hotel, Changzhou Phoenix hotel, Changzhou Hotel, Jinling Mingdu Hotel – Changzhou, Changzhou Legend Holiday Hotel, Wujin Qinyuan Hotel...    [Detail]
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